Friday, 5 March 2010


Hi! My name's Rebeca Carnerero and my talk is going to be about Greece.
First of all Greece is the official Hellenic Republic and is a country in southeast Europe .
As part of the European Union(EU). It's capital is Athens.
Greece this localated at the south of the Balkan Peninsula on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
Secondly heiress of ancient Greece, Greece has a long history and extended over three continents.
The first European civilizations, Cretan civilization and the Mycenaean appeared in Greece.
The medieval Greek empire is one the history's largest Empires.
During World War II, Greece was occupied by Germany. In 1952, Greece joined in NATO and in 1981, The European Union(EU). Today, Greece is a democratic parliamentary Republic.
The area of Greece is 132.562 Km2 including inland basin of the Aegean Islands and islets, this country's population is 11.244.118 habitants.
There are three climates in Greece: the Mediterranean climate , the Alpine climate and Temperate climate.
Agriculture in Greece represent a very important role in the economy of Greece. It's also important fishing and forestry.
Most common language is modern Greek. Other languages spoken in Greece are the Albanian, Avarita language and language eslavomacedonio.
The major cities in Greece are Athens the capital, Thessaloniki, Sparta and Patras.
Finally the euro is the currency. Greek coins are the only ones that use a different Latin alphabet. The Euro called Lept
In my opinion Greece is the more beautiful country in the Europe after Spain of course =).

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