Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My holidays: Asturias

Hello! I´m Vanessa. My talk is going to be a Asturias. Asturias is north of Spain. To be located the west with Galicia and east with Cantabria.
First, I went to Asturias on holidays with my parents and my brother to my grandfather´s house. My brother was very small and I was about ten years. My grandfather lives in Gijón, one of the most important cities in Asturias. My grandfather lives near two beaches and fifth minute of the big beach called San Lorenzo, is very famous.
Then, in the holidays we visited several areas known as the Lakes of Asturies cobadonga. They are very pretty but also very dangerous because there is a always fog.
Finally, the climate is warm, not as in south of Spain that is very hot in summer.
I was fifteen days, then I came to Madrid on the way home.
There is enough tourism in the summer, who come to see the sights of the mountains and the beach.
Conclusion, the holidays in Asturias were great.
Thanks for listening.
That´s all.

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