Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Holidays: The Netherlands


I´m Lorena Gómez and I´m going to talk about my holIday travel.

I went to the Netherland the last year for eleven days with the high school. I remember this time as if it had been yesterday.

At the first moment, I was very nervous because I knew that she spoke English very well because she had been in my house and I thought that I wouldn´t understand nothing. Also, I went al home were I didn´t know nobody and I had to pass a lot of time here! But I had lucky because a classmate had to live with me while we werw in the Netherland and as she was bilingual, when I need help, she help me...

But too, I have lucky with the family! I was very happy because they were a really fun and good family. They did anything to order to we were happy and comfortables.

The mother was very funny as the girl who I did the exchange and the father and brother were serious but they were vey kind!

The home where I lived was very big! It had two floors and a garage, also it had a garden and a trampoline! I was very surprised because all the houses were equal!

All week unless the weekend, we went to high school but we were here two hours more or less because the, we went to do differents things or to see different places as Amsterdam, museums... When we went to these places, I saw the streets and it was incredible because in the middle of the streets were long rivers, and of course, a lot of bikes!

We went to the Red Light District and we saw a lot of girls into the windows... I didn´t like that because I think that the girls didn´t like to be here and doing that they must to do, poor girls...

I met netherland people and I surprised about it´s language because they pronunced a lot the letter `j´... I didn´t like it´s language!

All the things werw fantastic but there was a problem... The weather.
It was very bad and it was always rainning...

When I came back to Spain, I bought presents for my family and my friends as a mill, typical something from there.

I´m going to finish telling my holidays but before, I would like to tell you a little story that I lived there...
My classmate, my exchange and me went home by bike and when we arrived, I tried to get off the bike with my feet on the floor because the brakes were broken, but the bike was vey high for me and I hadn´t time to lose so I fell into the bushes of the house!!
It gave me a huge embarrasment but now, I remember that and I laugh a lot!

Finally, I´m going to tell a bit about the Netherland.
The Netherland is an european country and it belongs to the European Union. The territory of the country consists of lownloads that approximately onde third are located at sea level or below it.
The Netherland is located in northwestem Europe, bordered to the north and west by the North Sea to the South with Belgium and East Germany.
The country is one of the most densely populated and it´s one of the most developed states.

Thank you for your attention!

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