Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Netherlands

Hello! My name is Jorge and I'm going to speak about the Netherlands, this country is in the northwest of Europe and is limited at the north and west by the North Sea, at the south is limited by Belgium and at the East by Germany. Its capital is Amsterdam.
The official language is Dutch, although there are other languages wich are spoken like English, French and German. The name of the country was given in reference to the territory's Geography, wich is formed by lands located under the sea level.The more important cities are Amsterdam, La Haya, Rotterdam and Utrecht...
The economy is focused on the services sector. Approximately 79% of the population work in this sector, about 17% in industry and only 2% in agriculture. Its currency is the euro. The climate is unstable with mid-temperatures and rainy. The Netherlands is known around the world for its coffeeshops located in Amsterdam where you can consume soft drugs, like Cannabis Sativa. It is known too for cultivation of flowers and for the widely use of bicycles on the population.
(Picture by Zhenzation on flickr)

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