Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Holidays: Calella

Hello! My name is Rubén, I'm going to talk about my best summer vacations were what I went through ball Calella with my parents and my grandparents my siblings and I had never seen the beach and sea. This summer has been the best experience of my life and that the hotel had monitors and player the short of the rifle (which is like a shotgun), and then second of eight children but we were definitely the best day was the last nd late because we had harassed my mother and my grandmother were pleased to see a good exhibition of flamenco but as I said we went to bed late and was the last day we went to beach and my grandmother doesn't know swim for the grace was messing with my sister and asus and released and had to get my father because he drowned but the funniest thing was my mother is the daughter of my grandmother I was recording with grandfather sitting on towels and laughing heartily both the accident was the most fun no doubt but the onlyy thing bad about the trip was a pill for dizziness that forced me to take that disgusting and wise to swear never to take.

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