Saturday, 27 March 2010


Hello! My name is Jorge and my talk is going to be about the trip that I did to Huelva with my best friend and his family. I was there fifteen days and all the days were sunny and hot, except the last day. In the fifteen days we made a lot of things: we met a lot of people from all the world. Though we were going to go all the days to the beach, there were two days that we spend visiting places. We visited the virgin of the Rocío, the cathedral of Huelva, the football stadium of Recreativo de Huelva... In the nigths we usually went to discos, pubs and one night we went to see a show of a famous humorist. In this travel I did one of the most exciting experience in my life, that is driving a kart in a circuit but the really exciting thing was driving under the rain very fast. For remenbering this trip I sold a nace of gold of the virgin of the Rocío though I think I will never forget this trip.Thanks for listening and that´s all.

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