Sunday, 28 March 2010

Write your own mini-saga.

Robet S. Donovan (flickr)
Here is the web page you need to use to write your mini-saga. Remember to give a title to your post (the words you use for the title won't count among the total fifty, as I told you in class) and to include the label "mini-saga". Add a picture related to your story. You can find some here. We will have a contest with your creations and those by E2D and E3C students. Apart from that, as a homework I'd like you to visit the entries with the title My Future Studies in A gold Miner and leave a comment to at least one of them. As usual, you must be polite, praise the entry's content, sign with your Blogger account (for me to check that it was you the one who was there) and mention that we have our own class blog that, by the way, is running for the Espiral Edublogs Award 2010. Remember that A Gold Miner is maintained by a group of students similar to yours who are following Ampliación de Lengua Inglesa as you are doing. Have a Happy Easter!

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