Monday, 1 February 2010

Neighbour's complaint

- Hi! It´s your neighbor Miriam Sanchez. I´m calling you about last night´s party. I think that your friends and you did a lot of noise because of noise woke up my son and me wake up my daugther.

- Oh! I´m so sorry!

- Sorry? Only you say sorry?

- Now, I can´t to do anything...

- Ok, I hope that it doesn´t happen again ok?

- Ok ok... I´m feel very embarrased...

- What happened in the party?

- What happened in the party, are you asking me?

- Yes!

-Ok... I was celebrating my birthday and I did a party with my friends. I thought that the party could have finish at eleven o´clock but then, at half past eleven, my friend turned on the radio and put music... I said him that he stops the music but he didn´t ´want. Sorry...!

- Ok, don´t worry. I´ve been young and I understand you, but please, controls a little more for next time ok?

- Ok, ok, don´t worry!

- Bye!

- Bye and sorry...!

By Lorena Gómez and Jorge Gonzalez

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