Monday, 1 February 2010


L- Mum! I'm phoning to make an hotel reservation. I decided phone Devoncoven's hotel, ok?

All of our operators are busy at this time. Please hold for the next avaible person...

A- Thank you for calling Devoncoven. Jody speaking. How can I help you?

L- Good. morning. I'm Julie Thompson. I'm phoning to make an hotel reservation.

A- Right. How many are you?

L- Five people

A- Ok, you need two double rooms

L- How much does it cost?

A- One hundred thirty euros per night. How many nights you want to stay?

L- I wat to stay a week, seven nights. Can I take my dog with me?

A- Yes. We have special offert for pets. We have a special departamentwere you can bring your
pets and we will take care them, it cost a plus, ten euros per night. You want to reserve?

L- Yes. For thenext monday.

A- Ok, please give meyour details...

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