Saturday, 6 February 2010

Last night party

LEROY- Hey man! It's Leroy.
ALI- What's up?
L- I want to complain about last night party. It was too noise and... you didn't invite me.
A- We didn't make much noise. You're lying.
L- Are you calling me a liar?
A- Yes, I am. I called you that.
L- I call it an insult.
A- Sorry, I've been very unpolite... but I've had a lot of problems this week.
L- Don't worry. But, if you do another party, invite me or don't make so much noise, OK?
A- Fine. But I won't do any party in some weeks because I'm angry with my friends.
L- Why?
A- Because they broke a lot of things of my flat and they don't want to pay them.
L- Screw you! You shouldn't have had the party!
A- I've learnt the lesson.
L- Good boy!
A- Sorry, but I have to leave you. I have to tidy the flat. See you soon.
L- Good bye!

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