Sunday, 18 November 2007


¿Have you still not learned? I'm sure that you have seen it in the news or in the newspaper.
The prices are rising a lot!!! Almost everything has gone up in price! Especially food, basic food like bread, milk or yoghurt. People complain a lot because salaries don't go up like food and a lot of people have problems to reach the end of the month. A lot of individuals can't pay their mortgages because it is very expensive. And now it's very difficult to buy a house, because people can't pay those prices.
Many teenagers don't mean this because they say: "My parents pay everything, I don't have to do anything", but it is a very bad problem for everybody. Well, I'd like to say something to all the teenagers who say that. If your parents pay everything, they're going to have less money and they aren't going to be able to buy clothes or anything. This is a serious problem for many people.
María Bonilla


Blanca said...

I think that the rise in prices is alarming, and the worst thing is that the salaries are not increasing as well we are going to be a lifetime living with our parents because we will never be able to buy a house if they continue to rise in this way ...
Congratulation maía , this is a nice post.

Juan said...

Quite sensible and interesting post, the situation is worth giving it a thought or two. And unconscious teenagers should pay attention to these matters as much as to shopping centres and gyms... Other topic in some sense related to this one would be: if we are suffering here, what about underdeveloped countries?