Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Famous people's lives.

Pilar: Hello, this is Famous People's Lives, welcome everybody! In the next hour we´re going to talk with two celebrities: the well-known Santa Claus, and the famous pop star Carolina.
Our first guest is Santa Claus. Welcome to Madrid, Santa.

Santa: Hello, Pilar.
Pilar: Hi, Santa, welcome to Famous People's Lives.
Santa: Thank you, Pilar, I'm very happy to be here.
Pilar: Oh, thank you very much, Santa. My first question for you is: do you enjoy your life?
Santa: No, I don't. I hate children and my legs hurt because of having so many of them sitting on my lap.
Pilar: Oh, sorry, I didn't know, and Santa what do you do in a typical day?
Santa: I usually read children's letters and then I check the making of the toys.
Pilar: Oh, it's fabulous (ha, ha) and what do you do at the weekends?
Santa: At the weekends I go to the cinema by my sleigh and I eat my wife's cake; I brought a piece for your program.
Pilar: Thanks Santa, your weekends are very funny. Santa, my last question: what do you do during your holidays?
Santa: Really, I haven´t got any holidays, but I would like to go to Benidorm and be with elderly people instead of the little elves.
Pilar: Oh, Santa, thanks for your visit, your life is incredible! Now I leave and Adrián is going to interview another famous guest. Bye!

Adrián: Hello, now we're going to talk about Carolina, she's the best pop star in Europe and she won a Grammy one year ago. Welcome to Madrid, Carolina.
Carolina: Hello, Adrián, I thank you very much for inviting me to your radio program.
Adrián: You're welcome. We're very happy because you're here. Carolina, do you enjoy your life?
Carolina: Yes, but I hate the tedious fans, sometimes it's terrible, they go after me all the time, but they are always really nice and I thank them for it.
Adrián: Oh, no... And, Carolina, what do you do in a typical day?

Carolina: I compose and test songs, and after that I play poker with my bodyguard, I always win (ha, ha).
Adrián: Wow! It's very interesting... And, what do you do at the weekends?
Carolina: I act at footballers parties, and then, they buy me a drink.
Adrián: Wow! Finally, Carolina, what do you do during your holidays?
Carolina: I travel and I give concerts around the world, and, from time to time, I have a sunbath in Paris Hilton's swimming pool and then we go shopping!
Adrián: Very interesting, thank you very much, Carolina, and all my wishes to you. This is all for today, have a good day and be happy. Bye!!
Carolina: Oh, thanks a lot. Goodbye!

Authors: Pilar, Naiara, Adrián y Carolina.


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