Saturday, 17 November 2007

Interesting People interview.

L: Good morning to everybody. Here we're again in Interesting People. Today we've got a very special programme. Our first guest is Caroline, the famous teenage millionaire. Caroline arrived this morning from her mansion in Hollywood. Hello, Caroline.
C: Hello!
L: What do you do in a typical day?

C: I get up at seven o'clock. I go to an exclusive school in Hollywood. At lunch time I go to one of the best restaurants of the city with my friends. When the high school ends I go to a massage session. After that, I go shopping , I love going shopping!!. I've dinner with my parents. After dinner, I call my friends until eleven o'clock, because I need to sleep eight hours for my skin to be perfect.
L: Oh, ok. What do you do during your holidays?
C: I do a lot of things, from travelling to Hawai's beaches to going to parties.
L: Why are you a teenage millionaire?
C: Because my parents are the owners of a famous multinational.
L: And when you'll be older, will you go to work?
C: Me?? Oh no!! I'm never going to work, I'm rich.
L: Thank you for coming, Caroline. Our next guest is Bea, the pop star. Hi, Bea.
B: Hi!
L: What do you do a in typical day?
B: I do what normal people do.
L: What is your favourite city?
B: New York, because I love going shopping.
L: Do you like being famous?
B: Yes, I like it, but I dislike the paparazzi.
L: And when will we be able to buy your new cd?
B: It may be in shops in spring.
L: That was very interesting. Finally our last guest is Omar, who is living alone in a desert island, he's a castaway. Omar is now on the telephone.Hello, Omar.
O: Hello, Leo.
L: How did you arrive to the island?
O: I jumped from the plane.
L: What? Why did you jump?
O: Because I've got claustrophobia.
L: What do you think of in your free time?
O: About nothing.
L: And what do you do in the island?
O: I fish, sleep and swim.
L: Thank you very much.
O: Thanks you.
L: That's all for today. Until next week.

Authors: Carol Bernal, Beatriz, Omar and Leonardo.


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