Monday, 11 February 2013


An oven of microwave, it is a domestic appliance used in the kitchen to warm food that it works by means of the generation of electromagnetic waves in the frequency of the microwaves, of 2,5 GHz.

 In 1946, he was the American doctor Percy Spencer the one that noticed that the effect of the microwaves could cook the food without the heat was perceptible around it. In 1947 the company Raytheon there began to commercialize the model called Radar Range but his big dimensions did that his diffusion was limited. Finally, in 1953, the article was distributed for the home produced by the Tappan Company to which he was still the model Hotpoint.

 It seems to my me very likely that uses this useless device though the ecologists say that it should contaminate, because there is sure that they in his house have oneHelp is of great to the daily life because only in spite of the food introduces a few minutes inside already this one I list to eat and warm; of fact great show restraint (pizzas, lassagna, domestic soups ...) they come precooked and only putting them inside already are eatable.                                                                      

                                                                                                               JOSE MIGUEL O.M.

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