Monday, 7 March 2011

My ideal job

I think that an ideal job could be a work of civil servant,you have a sure work,generally you have a good salary...
For me an ideal work is a work that doesn´t be stressful,in where you do something that you like it.
When I finished the school,I want go to university,but I don´t know what I want to study.
I like the children,and I have though study primary school teacher,but I´m sure that I finished tired,so I think that my ideal job is in an office.I would like be a civil servant,work in an office relaxed and to come out of work at noon for lunch.
For it I should study a lot of,I will do it!!And then,when I´ll have a work,I´ll keep studying for learn more,for keep forming me and I can succeed a charge more high.
But really there isn´t an ideal job,because to eachone like different things and then nobody is completely conformed with their job!!!

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