Monday, 22 March 2010

My holidays: South France

Hi! My name is Natalia González.
My talk is going to be about my holidays with my parents in France.
In the summer of 2009 I went to France, I visited some villages. Their names are Lourdes, San Juan de Luz and Biarritz.
San Juan de Luz and Biarritz are located behind the Pirineos in the west coast of France. These villages were very similar between them. Lourdes is located in the southeast of France behind the Pirineos too.
On the trip to Lourdes, my father was wrong about the way and climbed to a peak of the Pirineos. The name of the peak is Le Col d'Aubisque and its height is 1709 meters.
The road that we had to pass was narrow and had many curves.
When we got up at all it was cloudy and foggy, we could not see anything. Afterwards we could get off after three hours climbing.
Lourdes is a very well known village because it resembled the Virgin Mary. We visited the sanctuary and the grotto where appearance.
We only spent three days touring these three willages and returnd to Alcorcón.
Thanks for you attention and that's all.


Vanessa Sanchez said...

Your holidays in France are very cool =)

rafael said...

France is very beautiful