Monday, 22 March 2010

My holidays: Santander!

Hello! My name is Natalia and my talk is going to be about my travel to Santander.
I was there last Easter with my parents, my sister, my uncles and my cousins.
We visited a lot of places together. Santander is a fantastic place where there are many things. We were there for a week.
First of all, as soon as we arrive there, we went to the apartment, left the luggage and started our visit. We went to the beach, but as it wasn't summer we didn't bathe, so we walked around the beach and after that we went to the other places. I really love Santander's beaches because they are beautiful and very, very big. They were extremely crowded but the problem was that the water was cold.
During our stay there, we visited different villages that are located near the coast. Some of them are San Vicente De La Barquera, Suances, Noja, Laredo, Santoña... etc.
We visited some historic buildings as "The Gran Casino" of Santander, the "Palacio de la Magdalena" beside many different parts in every town. Furthermore, the weather during those days was very good; most of  the days it was sunny, which allowed us to make a route around Santander. Some days the weather was cloudy and, one of them, it rained a lot. Anyway we got lucky, we could visit a lot of differents places because in general the weather was really good.
Eventually, one of the anecdotes I remember was that one of the days, the weather was really good and we spent the day in Laredo. In the morning, we visited the port of that village and a very curious thing is that the harbour was full of fish and people are pulling into this water from high curbs. Well, then, in the back of the beach had an annoying noise from the microphones and loudspeakers because they were testing for a concert or something like that. We were tired of that noise and finally, we decided to ask what concert they prepared, and they answer to us: "this night, Bustamante is going to sing there", so we had dinner near the beach and afterwards we went to the concert.
In my opinion, I love traveling to different places but I prefer places which have a beach. There are villages very older and beautiful to see, but I love the sea. The travel to Santander was funny and I would like to go again in the summer, so I can swim in their fantastic beaches.
That's all. Thanks for your attencion. =)


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aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

oh Natalia, Santander is so beautiful! I'll have to visit it some day (no one has forced me to write that)

Natalia García said...

jajaja Ohh I Know it! Who force you to write this? Don't you say this for me?:)

aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

eeeeeeeeeeh, no no, but don't hit me please! :(