Monday, 22 February 2010

Degree Police Woman.

I want to study police municipal. Since I was little I wanted to be police. I want to be thanks to my stepbrother as we saw in small films and TV police series. The leads two years in the police force.
The police are a security force of citizens and subject to the orders of public authorities.
You can study in all regions , thougth the requirements are different in each. I will study in Madrid and I will live here. The police oposicions made in the '' Instituto de acceso a la función pública de Madrid''. The requirements in Madrid are:
-To have Spanish nationality.
-Be 21 years and old and not exceed 30 years.
-Have a minimum heigth of : men 1'70 m. and women 1'65 m.
-Possessing the title vocational first degree, graduate school, hight school graduate, technicians or any other top nivel.
-Have permissions drive A and B with specific authorization on the BTP.
-Sign a commitment to bear arms.
-Have no criminal record.

Oppositional test for are:
-1 test: test psychotecnical
-2 test: physical fitness: racing speed,resistance,medicine balls( 2 to 5 kilos ),long jump
-3 test: test written teorical
-4 test recognition medical

Opponents who exceed the previous test basis, will join the training center, where you start the training process integrated into the degree of the national police force.
On the topics of the police course is an topics with a minimum of 50 subjects divided into 5 groups:
-1: Constitutional and administrative law.
-2: Local governement and police.
-3: Criminal law, police administration and sociology.
-4: Traffic police
-5: Neighborhood police.

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