Thursday, 21 January 2010

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12th of January, 6:30a.m, a big earthquake destroys the city of Puerto Principe. The earthquake was very strong, it was 6'1 degrees in Richter Scale. The shivering finished to demolish the old buildings. More than 75000 people , are dead and almost 250000 people were injured, this is one of the biggest humanitarian disasters. The UN rescue teams went quickly to the streets to find and rescue people trapped. People need food and water, they need hospitals, medicins and lodgings. (By Lucía Barbero).


After nearly a month of Christmas day, on January 11th,2010 all primary and secondary schools in Spain began with their classes but, thanks to a big snowfall, holidays for all primary and secondary schools in Madrid were one more day longer. On Tuesday January 12th classes began, but we had to be careful not to fall down and everything is ground was covered with a layer of ice. Otherwise, everything was normal even in the snow some teachers stayed home from school but nothing else. We have had a week and half of classes and everything goes smoothly. There are people who have recovered and are now with the end of January tests.
Until we begin the evaluation standar so until that day comes we can be a bit more relaxed.

By : Rebeca Carnerero


The past 10 of Januray of the new year, it snowed in all Spain! The man of the time guessed rigth and all the comunity of Madrid including Alcorcon got dressed target.
People said that the snow did not please , since it had begun to snow to 17:00 , but was not truth , the snow pleased and 21:00 when I left to be with friendly in the premises we saw that the snow , parents , children and people majors even left to enjoy the snow.
The ski resorts in Spain were waiting for this snow to enjoy or day sky.
The following day , Monday , bega the class , the students we did not have accepts of desire to less begin them and having perfect vacatios of Christmas and with snow. The news was perfect , wass no class because of the snow !
That same Monday , a friend and me , went towards Peny to throw snow balls to us with friendly.
I will already believe a little more in the man of the time.By: Lorena Braojos

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