Monday, 19 October 2009

Lorena´s profile

I am Lorena Gómez.
I am sixteen years old.
I haven´t any siblings.
I am living in Alcorcón since two years more or less.
Before, I lived in Carabanchel Alto.
I live here, in Alcorcón with my mother and my father lives in Carabanchel.
I do taekwondo since three years more or less, at the gym and at high school. I really like it!
I like walking with my friends, staying in the park, listening to music like pop music or flamenco, reading books especiality about the spanish war, doing sports... a lot of things!
About the food, I like eating pizza, cheese, chips... but I hate eating fish!
In the future I would like to be psycologist and then do oposiciones to become the nacional police.
That´s all.



Juan Ignacio Castro said...

Great, Lorena! I´d like you to recomend me books about the civil war. Congratulations!

Alee said...

hi Lorena! I'm Alejandra and I think that your profile is very interesting I have one too and you can see it if you want! :)
great job and continue to write more things, kisses