Monday, 19 October 2009

Álvaro BD's Profile

my name's Álvaro Bravo Díaz and I'm sixteen. I'm blond (well, more or less; my hair is strange ), I've the blue eyes and my height's 5.6 ft. I live in Alcorcón, in a flat with my parents. I've got only one brother (he's called Carlos and he's 21).

I love football. My favourite club's Real Betis Balompié. It makes me suffer much, but it rewards it with glorious years such as 2005. If you belongs to the best club in the history: . As well, you can go login in

I like listening flamenco and rap music
In my opinion the best flamenco's singers are: Canelita, El Barrio, Los Delinqüentes, Las Niñas de las 3000 viviendas, las Niñas del Culto, Fondo Flamenco, Sinlache, Morano, Elbicho, Los Rebujitos, Aldeskuido, La Húngara, Pitingo and the best of ever: Camarón, Los Chunguitos, Los Chicos.
And the rappers who I listening are Haze, Tote King, Juaninacka and Eminem. But I prefer the my hood's rappers: Esekah, Benny Soprano, Withman, Onnasis, Vichenzso Luzor.
So, if you like them you can came to
I love all about the tuning world,when I'll have a car...I'm drooling for it!

I like reading books, I've read a lot of authors: Stephen King, Anne Perry, Ken Follet, Noah Gordon, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Mario Puzo...

I hope you've liked my profile.


Juan Ignacio Castro said...

Great, Álvaro, well done! I'm afraid our tastes in music and in books don't match, but...! Who cares?

Moncef said...

I wish good luck to your team !
Good bye !

helenaa said...

Hi Alvaro, we are Monica and Helena, we live in madrid and we love reading too. We like all kinds of books like A tre metri capre il cielo(an italian book), Harry Potter, pride and prejuice, romeo and juliet,twilight, ''los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres'',the host, ''La metamorfosis'',Cumbres borrascosas, and georgia's nicholson diarys.
We really love wathching movies.

lozi said...

really??I´m surprised because I have a very strange hair too. =P

Celiaap said...

Hi! (:
My name´s Celia, i´m 17 years old.
Next week i´m going to post my profile in my school´s blog.
ah! I like "el barrio" too.

lozi said...

very interesting!!!!!!!!

Alicee said...

Hello! (:
My name's Alicia, I'm 16! I study in "Juan de la Cierva" in Madrid. Next week I'm going to post my profile in my school's blog. I dont' like read, but I like lost types of music!

carmen said...

hi my name is carmen and i really like your profile.=P

aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

Moncef, thanks for your wish, we need this good luck... xD

aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

Alicee, I wanna read your profile before long