Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The story of a trip

Mary, a spanish girl, writes a letter telling her mum the trip to Glasgow that she has done during this month.

Dear mum:

I arrived to Glasgow after a long and tiring trip by plane. After I went to sleep to the Thistle Hotel because I was very tired.

The first week I was visiting the Glasgow´s city. I went to a lot of places with a tourist guide:
The Burrel Collection, a very interesting art exhibition, and the main square, Georges Square, surrounded by Victorian buildings like the City Chambers.

At that time, I met some scottish teenagers, I had some nices moments with them and I could practice english.

During the second week I was visiting the high streets shopping: Buchanan Street and Prince´s Square; there I was buying souvenirs for the family.
When my friends and I were having lunch in Aurora (a very modern restaurant), I met a very handsome boy, Sam with who I finished my third and fourth week in Glasgow; we went to a beautiful city next there. It has been the best of my trip!!

Dear mum it has been a wonderful month , I come back home tomorrow.
I love you XXX

Olga Sanchidrián y Carolina Jiménez 3ºB.

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