Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Our best journey (with the piper’s kilt anecdote)

We travelled to Glasgow last summer in July, it was very hot. The hotel was in the Buchanan Street, an important street in Glasgow. There, we visited the museums and more important places. Also we were shopping in the most exclusive shops like “Burberry”. We bought clothes, accessories and presents for the family.

We chanced on with a friend and we had lunch in one of the city's best restaurants and we drank coke.
We met nice girls, we made their friends and they introduced us more people, they were very nice.
In the nights we went to took something in nearby pubs, we liked one that called “Joe’s Pub”. It had musical performances that were for new musicians and groups in the music world.

While we went for a walk through a street we met a pipers group, they wore the traditional skirt, called kilt. The music was fine, and was the first time that we listened that type of music. We saw it when started to be windy and a piper’s kilt raised, but we didn’t see anything that we ought not to see.

This was the most interesting, funny and great journey that we did up to now.

Carolina León Bernal & Sandra Beamud Montero. 3ºA

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