Sunday, 23 March 2008

An amazing trip to Glasgow

Last Summer , we went to Glasgow and we spent a whole month there...

When we arrive in our hotel ,"The Belhaven",we were very surprised, the building was a beautiful victorian house, it was very little only 16 rooms but It was very nice.

We wanted to visit every cultural place in glasgow so we visited the cathedral, where is buried San Mungo, this tomb was one of the areas of peregrination of the Middle Ages.
We also saw many museums of this city like the Hunterian Museum and Hunterian Art Gallery,Burrel collection, where we saw pictures of painters as important as Renoir and Cezane, The Museum of the Transport, a museum that seemed to us very curious because it reproduces a typical street of the city of the 30s,The Museum McLean: A museum centred on the social history of Glasgow, the gallery of modern art,and the Lighthouse.
We also were interested in Mackintosh's works, we visited almost all his buildings, but the one that we liked most was The Willow tea room, where we have a tea.
We visited the Art School of Glasgow and the Science Museum where there was a cinema IMAX to see movies in 3D.
We went shopping in the city, It has a lots of big avenues and important malls, as Buchanan Galleries, Italian Centre, Princes Square and the St Enoch Centres.
These places are near of bars, where after buying we could relax and take a coffee.
In the West-End, there are incredible antique shops, places of crafts and old bookshops, for those who want to take something more original , as a present for my mother.

The local gastronomy of Glasgow is very good.
You can enjoy from delicious seafood, meats of hunt, vegetables, the pies of cow meat, the cheese of the Islands Orkneys, and the bannocks, cakes of oats.
To taste all these food, it is ideal Rab Ha's ,one of the most popular restaurant, in the ancient neighborhood of Glasgow, where they specialize themselves in the traditional Scotishfood.
Walking for the downtown,we discover a very curious bar, The Drum and Monkey, ideally if you have curiosity to tasteone of the tens tries beers that have in the menu.

A part of this bar we saw that in this city there are plenty of nightclubs in the heart of the West End .
At the end, Our impression of Glasgow is that is a very nice city , We loved it a lot, and we think that everybody have to visit it!!

Blanca & Amanecer

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Tony Watt said...

I am so happy to hear you enjoyed your holiday to Glasgow. I like your blog too. Would you mind if I show it to English language students at my school -

I am sure they would be interested. Also where are you from?