Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Glasgow nights parties

We come there after long hours in that ship.
The first thing that we did was to buy a guide of glasgow to find out about the places of interest. The first days we got lost for those enormous avenues replete with shops and with people that in her they was buying. One evening we stop in a tavern that they were televising the old firm match that according to those of the place was an important match. Since we did not like the football we drank good beer.
On having stopped drinking the waiter said to us that prompt will be a great concert in glasgow said to us that shell us income of retail smuggling I boast. We agree and to two days already we was ready to listen to such a The Twilight Sad. It was a spectacular concert we are charmed with me. This night we will not forget easily. On the following morning we visit the Hunterian Museum. We saw fantastic things as a fossil of tree, cleopatra's currency and a great hung trout of the roof (it was the best thing).Ultimately our visit to glasgow was wonderfull. We learned a lot of this great city. I recommend to everything that wants to happen a funny month.

Leonardo Fernandez 3ºA Javier Serrano 3ºB

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