Monday, 12 November 2007

Blue Night Interview.

B: Welcome to Night Blue. Before ads, we were talking about lifestyles. We have invited three people, they have very different lifestyles. First, the famous rich teenager, Jamelia. Hi, Jamelia...
M: Hello!
B: What do you do in your typical day?
M: Well, in the morning I go to school, a
fter that I go to the best restaurant in the city with my daddy, then I go shopping with my little dog-he is called Paris, it's a chiguagua. In the afternoon, I go to my own spa, oh, it's lovely...
B: Oh nice!! Do you enjoy your life?
M: Yes, of course, it's easy if you have a lot of money, don't you think so? I don't mean that money gives happiness, but it helps...
B: Right, what do you do in the weekends?
M: Oh, a lot of things, there are always things to do, parties, dad's acts... whatever... I usually do pyjamas parties too.
B: And what do you do during your holidays?
M: Well, daddy loves travelling, we have visited all the continents, last summer we went to a lot of places... We went to a concert at the Royal Theatre, then we went to Los Angeles at mum's house, I spent a lot of time there...
B: Thank you very much, thanks for letting us know you better.
M: You're welcome.
B: Our next guest is a famous pop-star and now he is working at his new work. Hello, Nacho.
N: How is it going?
B: What do you do in your typical day?
N: Oh... In the morning I have to go to the record studio, to improve my new album.
After that I go home to have lunch with my girlfriend... After that I go shopping... I love going shopping but the fans follow me everywhere...
B: That's right... Do you enjoy your life?
N: I enjoy my job, I love singing and playing my guitar, but I can't stand the press, the journalists follow me all the time, it's very annoying...
B: That's the price of fame... what do you do in the weekends?
N: Well, it depends...
Sometimes I go to my mum's house to have lunch. And at night I have to go to events with all celebrities, my girldfriend can't stand them.
B: And what do you do during your holidays?
N: Well, I travel a lot, I have to do it for my new disco tour, I don't like it very much, but...
B: Thank you very much, Nacho , we hope that your CD will be great!
N: Thank you!!
B: Well, our next guest is the most important scientist at the moment, she studies monkeys and gorillas at her own island. Hi, Sandra!
S: Good evening!
B: What do you do in your typical day?
S: In the mornig I wake up early, I have lots of things to do...
First I have to feed the mokeys and gorillas, after that I look for the new gorilla babies, they're so sweet. Then I have to keep fit so I go swimming or running... Later, I study monkey's behaviour. At night I check it all is ok and I go to bed.
B: Well, do you enjoy your life?
S: I love gorillas' community, and my work is great... I have no stress and I'm never in a hurry... but I miss company, loneliness is horrible...
B: I agree... Well,do you like studying the monkeys?
S: Oh , yes...!! They are incredible animals! They are more clever than some people. They work together all the time, but the smallest monkeys are very annoying, they shout too much...
B: And do you have holidays?
S: No, of course not. I live all the time at the island.
B: Thank you, Sandra... And this is the end of the programme, I hope that you have enjoyed it. In the next programme we are talking about violence in the streets. Good Bye and thank you for listening...

Authors: Sandra, María, Nacho and Blanca.

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