Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Today we are going to interview three people. I'm going to ask you some simple questions.
-Hello, Mr.Lumbreras. Do you enjoy your life?
-Yes, because I have a lot of money and I can buy whatever I fancy.
-Do you miss having an ordinary life?
-No, because I have never had a normal life.
-Do you usually go to the gym?
-Yes, I often go to my own gym with my personal coach.
-I can see that you are really fit. Are you successful in love?
-No, I'm not. Most of the women I met are after my money.
-Sorry. Now, we will continue with Olga, our international pop star. Do you enjoy life?
-Of course! I love life because I can sing and give concerts.
-Do you miss having an ordinary life?
-Yes, because sometimes there are too many journalists around anoying me.
-Have you got any other hobbies?
-Yes, I like painting, driving fast and watching Al Pacino films.
-Me too, mainly Scarface. Are you successful in love?
-Yes, I have all the men I want.
-Well, we are going to finish with Diana, a new actress. Hello, Diana.
-Hello, JS.
-Do you enjoy your life?
-Yes, but only since I have been acting in films.
-Do you miss an ordinary life?
-Well, my life is still quite normal, because I'm not very famous for the moment.
-Are you successful in love?
-Yes, I found the man of my life eight years ago.
-So, that's all for today folks!

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