Saturday, 27 October 2007

This is my profile:

I´m Carolina and I come from a little village in Madrid: Brunete.
I was born the 30th of December fourteen years ago. I´m thirteen years old, I´m tall, and I´ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I think I am shy, loyal, intelligent, funny and friendly, too.
My favourite colour is purple. I like reading books like Memorias de Idhún... and others written by Laura Gallego García. I also like listening to music.. and watching films... but I really love playing volleyball with my friends, and hanging out every weekend with them.
I study at I.E.S Alfonso Moreno, at 3rd B form. I live with my parents and my brother, his name is Sergio and he´s nine years old. At home I´ve got a pet...a dog called Kobu. It´s small... and very funny.

This is me... and I hope that you like this blog!


Manolito said...

Hi Carolina and all the other students
It´s great to see all of you have a blog where you can write and comment things your teacher tells you. It´s fantastic to see how students improve their English, in this case your and your partners English.
My name is paquitobu I´m an English teacher and I work in Fuenlabrada with students of 2nd ESO and I will go on reading your blog.

Good luck

annita131 said...

Hi Carol, I´m Anna, I´m friend you Teacher Juan. I was companion of your professor Juan in the Course of Monitor of free Time. He is very good person.

Your English is very good, but I advise to you that tevayas to improve it in your proximas vacations of summer with the permission of your parents always clear to a foreign country.

For example very baliente fuí I since she did not study for a long time English and went during 8 months to study ingles there, now I pronounce enough good, and I understand enough and if I can I will go east summer again.
For my to be very good experience, and I advise it to everybody, but your you go advanced that I because occurs you well English and not has forgotten you English because these studying it, but that if I warn in the beginning to you you passed it bad, becauseyou miss your country, to your people you in the beginning did not find out much since they pronounce, many different things that we, since we did not speak English but spanglishand it is truth, but already you noticed the difference.

I am a girl who is 28 years old, study ingles in an English academy by the mornings 2 days to sema to removing to me trinity college and in the afternoons I am studying a preparatory course for examenes for the access to I modulate of superior degree and looking for work, since I have qudado without work porqu ao happened was not in Spain, but in Ireland, Dublin.