Sunday, 28 October 2007



My name is Olga, I´m from Spain. I live in Brunete. I´m tall and thin. I´ve got brown eyes and brown hair, too. I´m an athletic person, I like running and practising physical exercise. I like hanging out with my friends. I´ve got a brother, but I haven´t got any sisters. I like horror films, but I hate comedy films.
I like eating very much, but I hate vegetables and tomato.
My favourite music is pop but I like other music, too. I don´t like getting up early because I love sleeping. I love surfing in the net and talking with my friends by messenger. I like shopping and buying a lot of things but I´m not rich and I cannot buy too many things.
My favourite actor is Johnny Deep in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.
I love playing the piano and listening to music. My favourite colour is yellow

*kisses olga*


Juan said...

Congratulations, Olga! You did it!

Anonymous said...
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