Saturday, 20 March 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 11

Welcome to our news program. Today we will talk about spring starting and next holidays; an incident that took place in Alcorcón; and our literary recommendation. But first,

Start of the spring and the next holidays.
On March 21 spring
began. The very cold winter changed into a mild spring which will be warm soon, Easter holidays begin and we have our school break. During these days, students will get their marks in all schools, which means that the second term is over and this year's last stage begins. Holidays officially begin on Friday 26 and, since then, students have a week and a half to rest. This term has been a long and complicated one but then, the most difficult one comes, so we have to enjoy our holidays as spring has just started. (By Natalia García).

An incident takes place in Alcorcón.
Last Sunday there was a fight with guns in Alcorcón at half past four in the afternoon in Polvoranca street in front of the disco ''Casablanca''. The fight was because of a drug business. A man owed money to other one, then they began to argue and they ended up shooting each other and then the boy that owed the money died because the other one killed him with the gun. Then the murderer tried to escape but the police caught him and the police saw that this man was carrying pot in his pockets and then the police went up his house and they discovered more pot there. This man was arrested by the police and I think that he is in prision
. (By Eva Dalía).

The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring.
I'm going to talk about the last book I've read, that is The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the ring, written by Tolkien, who was born on January 3rd, 1932 in Bloenfonteim, South Africa. After serving in World War he started a distinguished academic career as Professor of Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature. This book is a descriptive text that outlines magical and beautiful places full of magic and power. Apart from that, basically this story is about trust, friendship and fear of the dark. Besides the books, the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings movies were created, based on the different books. They soon became blockbusters. Games for computer or playstation appeared as well, taking advantage of Tolkien's books (By Rubén Pastor Panes).
Of course the answer to our weekly question "Where will next world football championship be celebrated?" is South Africa. We have a new question for you, please leave your answer as a comment to this post: "What's the name of the best Spanish Formula 1 pilot ever?" Thank you very much for your kind attention. Goodbye!

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