Thursday, 4 March 2010


The capital is Nicosia. The language is Greek and Turkish.
The cities means is Nicosia, Lamarca, Famagusta, Paphos and Limassol.
The economic is prosperous and has diversified is recent years. Its per capita GDP (Adjusted for Purchasing Power) is at $28,381, just above the average of the European Union.

The products in Cyprus is most import fuels, most raw materials, heavy machinery and transportation equipment.
Cyprus make light chemicals, metal products, wood, paper and stone.
Community in a possession of agricultural produced cereal crops, green fodder and all of the tobacco.
The money is Euro (€).
The weather is Mediterranean and variety.
The history:
Cyprus has been colonized by various cultures thoughout its history. The Mycenacen civilization would come from about 1600 BC, and subsequently settled Phoenician and Greek colonies.
Pharaon Thotmose III of Egipt put the island in 1500BC and forced to pay tribute, which was maintained until the Egyptian rule was replaced by the Hittites in the 13th Century. After the invasion of the sea peoples, the Achaeans-Greeks settled on the island, acting decisively in shaping cultural identity the Hebrews called Kittim island. The Assyrians invaded the island in 800 BC, until the Pharaon Amasis recaptured the island in 600BC, before being replaced by the Perisians after the conquest of Egipt by them. Salamis, the most powerful of the various City- Kingdom of Cyprus at the time rebelled against Persian rule in 499 BC, under king Ovisilos, both rebellion and the subsequent attempts for free Greek. Cyprus had failed, induding evagore king of Samalis in 345AD. however, in 331BC Cyprus Alexander the Great conquered the Persian re-included in the Hellenil world. The Roman Empire finally seized the island in the year 57BC.

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