Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hi!!! My name is Rubén Panes Pastor and I talk about Portugal:
Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a sovereig member of the Europena Union, set up as a democratic state of law. It´s territory, capital Lisbon is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Bordered to the east and north by Spain and the south and westby the Atlantic ocean. Portugal has witnessed a constant flow of different civilizations during the last 3100 years. Tarshish, Celts, Phoenicions and Carthaginions, Greeks, Romans, Germans ( Swabians and Visigoths ), Muslims, Jews and other cultures have left their mark on culture, history, lenguage and ethnicity. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Portugal was a economic, social and cultural heritage, and their empire that stretched from Brazil to the East Indies. The official lenguage of Portugal is Portuguese. Portugal´s main industries are oil refineires, automotive, cement production, paper industry, textiles and footwear, fumiture and corcho. La manufacturing represents 33% of exports Portuguese. Portugal is the fifth larguest producer of tungsten, and the eighth larguest wine producer. Agriculture and fisheries no longer represent the largest concentration of the economy

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