Sunday, 28 February 2010


My talk is going to be about Poland. First of all I'm going to speak about its economy. Its principal economy is agriculture with 14% of poblation active and the industry with 7% of poblation active. The Industry exports iron, cool, textille,etc.

Secondly I'm going to speak about its history. The people have lived in Poland for one thousand 5 hundred years and its history is about one milenium. In the XVI century the comunity poland-lituania formed the biggest state of Europe before the Russian Empire. In 1918 the Ucranian Republic negociated in secret Poland territorys with Austria and Hungria but it failed in the same year. In the Versalles Treaty Poland requested its independence. In 1920 Sovietic Union atacked to Varsovia but it failed. Furthermore Varsovia is a capital of Poland. In 1980 the Catholic Church help to Poland restore its Parliament and in 2004 Poland is admitted in the Europe Union.

Finally its principal cities are Varsovia(capital), Cracovia, Looz and Breslavia.
Its weather is normal hot in summer and cold in winter and his lenguage is polish

Overall his currency is zloty and not euro.
In my opinion is a good country
That's all.

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