Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 6.

Welcome to our sixth weekly programme, in which we try to speak about the topics of your interest. Today, we are going to speak out against gender violence, gardrails in Madrid and we begin a new section in which we will tell you about great books to read and have fun with our literary recommendation. Our suggestion is El misterio de la cripta embrujada. But first,


I´m going to talk about gender violence. Today, people live in a world full of hypocrisy and wickedness, but today I have to focus on an issue that concers us all... It is gender violence. This issue is vey delicate and who is suffering doesn't say anything... Maybe for fear to your bully, who in most of the cases is the partner, or the fear that people will start to look at you like someone inferior.
There are many types in the abuse: the first is called ''the honeymoon", in which everything is perfect and there aren't any problems. The second one is when the abuser begins to underestimate the partner in a subtle way. The third phase is when the abuser is capable of physical abuse.
These three phases are always together and always follow the same order... There are many types of abuse, like the psychological or physical ones, as well as the economic... We mustn't stay quiet when things like this happen!
We musn´t get into the privacy of the partner but we can help the victim from outside! So I only say that we can be brave and stop that when it happens because you will do a big favour to the victim. (By Lorena Gómez 1ºB Bach)


The comunity of Madrid is the comunity in Spain with more gardrails suitable for motorbike riders in 2009. They were to install 40km but in the end they have been 85km. Motorbike riders are very happy. The goverment has not only fullfilled what they promised, but the deal has been exceeded. This is something important because most of motorbike accidents have dire consequences. With these measures  the death toll  is expected to decrease. (By Jorge Gonzalez 1ºC Bach)


Welcome all our readers to this section, where we recommend you a book every week. The first book that I recommend you is El misterio de la cripta embrujada by Eduardo Mendoza. This book is very entertaining for all kinds of public because it has mistery, humour... it has everything. This work by Eduardo Mendoza shows the story of a school where girls start to disappear. Thus the commissioner Flores releases an inmate from a mental hospital in order to discover the mystery and know the reason for the disappearances. The ex-prisoner lives many adventures, following his ''old instinc'' to impersonate identities and solve mysteries such as, for example, theses strange disappearances. (By Alejandro Muñoz 1ºA Bach)

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