Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hello! my name is Natalia González.
My talk is going to be about Hungary.
Firt of all Hungary is a country of central Europe that forms a part of the European Union.
It currency is the forint.
It borders on Austria,Slovakia,Ukraine,Romania,Serbia,Croatia and Slovenia.His capital is Budapest.His language is the Hungarian or magiar.Some of the big cities of Hungary are Debrecen,Miskolc,Szeged and Pécs.
Secondly,Hungary is a country that exists from the Middle Ages,it was governed by kings,suffered the renaissance furthermore it had a war for fifteen years in wich the Hungarians faced against the Turks.It took part in the firt and second world war.

Hungary continues demostrating to be an economy of moderate-high growth.
The economic reforms as that of the system of health,taxes and funding of the local governments have not been achieved by the present government.

A year 2007,Hungary has a population of 9.956.000 inhabitants.
The life expectancy is 73 years,
The majority of the population is alphabetized.In Hungary the majority of persons are Hungarian(only a 1.7 sound other Europeans),gypsies,Asians,Americans and Africans.

Hungary has a continental relatievely dry climate,with cold winters and hot summers.

In Hungary Stands out sport of the waterpolo and the throwing of hammer.Also they have tradition great the fencing and the swimming for that Hungary has obtained many international successes.

The Hungarian culture has had a magisterial evolution across the centuries receiving Turkish,Latin and German influences.

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