Thursday, 22 October 2009

Parque de Lisboa News 2

Welcome to our news program. Today, in our second issue: What's up at Liga de Fútbol Profesional, Champions League and Europe League?; how did the prisoner manage to escape from the police?; and a new El Barrio album is on sale.

I'm going to speak about Spanish League. In the seventh match day in the Spanish League, Villareal, Xerez and Málaga are the bottom clubs. In contrast, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Sevilla are leaders. At Champions League, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid lost their matches, Sevilla won his. This week, at Champions League's positions are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Deportivo, and in Europe League's positions are Mallorca and Valencia. This year, the best teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barcelona has the best teamwork but Real Madrid has very good players. I think Spanish League and Premier League are the best ones in the world.

According to El Mundo Huelva Noticias, last Sunday, October 18th, a Belgium prisioner who is 28 years old and is called S.P.T.S. was arrested alledgedly being a pederastian. He managed to escape from the police pretending he was sick. Suddenly the prisioner fell to the ground and a policeman went with him to the toilet. When the prisioner was alone with the policeman, he knocked out his guard and run away from the Guardia Civil and the Audiencia de Huelva. At the moment, the fugitive is "in search and capture". He hasn't got any money with him , nor identification. He hasn't got criminal records. Now the fugitive is missed in Huelva and the Police believe he was near from his home or his job place.


José Luis Figuereo, Selu, also known as "El Barrio " is releasing a new album, Duermevela. It's on sale since October 26th. In this occasion, El Barrio offers us an album wich is composed with his more personal poetry. Duermevela is El Barrio's most intimate album, with songs like Patio de naranjos, Crónicas de una loca o Réquiem por una magdalena... wich dwells into the artist's feelings and thoguhts. His poetry reminds '98 Generation, from the most surreal Alberti, to the most gipsy Lorca, through the most appasionated Miguel Hernández. These are "fourteen songs born from insomnia dedicated to the dreamers who follow me", said the singer. The first single is "Crónicas de una loca" and you can watch its music video in his website. The music video was recorded in the old psychiatric Hospital in Miraflores, in Seville. The El Barrio's discography is composed by Yo sueno flamenco (1996), Mi secreto (1998), Mal de amores (1999), La fuente del deseo (2000), Me voy al mundo (2002), Ángel Malherido (2003), Las playas de invierno (2005), La voz de mi silencio (2007) and Duermevela (2009).

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