Thursday, 15 October 2009

David's Profile

Hi! My name is David and I'm 17. I have a brother younger than me and three sisters older than me. I live in Alcorcón with my parents, my brother and one of my sisters.
I'm short, about 1 metre 70, not very tall. My hair is black and straight but I have it very very short, I like thus.
I like the Fridays, eat, the green colour and the number 13. When I go out I use to ride on my bmx, go to Madrid with my friends and/or with my girlfriend or simply stay in the street eating jejeje.
I'm catholic, I wanna study for psychologist, travel arround the world and learn to play the guitar.
I love hiphop music, my favourite MCs are Frank T, El Chojin, Shotta and Lirico but I also like so much Zenit, Kase O, Junaninacka, Tote King, and American rapers like Eminem, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill etc.

See you.


Juan Ignacio Castro said...

Congratulatios, David! The first one to publish in our class blog! Well done!

monika II said...

Hi David!
I'm Monica and I think your profile it´s amazing. It must be interesting having 3 sister and 1 brother! I only have one sister, but you can learn more things about me in my profile (which I will write at weekend).
I meet one friend in Alcorcon, she's celia robledo. Do you know her? Probably not, but anyway...
Bye! :)