Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Wonder of You.

For those of you who like classical, or even antique music, here you can enjoy one of Elvis Presley's great songs, The Wonder of You.

Apart from sharing our taste for good music, maybe you can tell me examples of "zero conditional" sentences taken from this song. Greetings.


Ana Pérez said...

Hey guys! Your blog is getting bigger and nicer.
You are really doing a great job!!!
I hope you visit our blog too because there are new posts as well.
Keep on working hard and... see you soon (I hope).

ANA (the other 3º ESO teacher)

María Bonilla said...

Juan, i´m María Bonilla.
I have heard and i have voted the elvis song, but in the activity its writed if we can tell you "Zero Conditional" sentences of the song.
I dont know i am wrong, but the zero conditional forms whit: [if + present simple + present simple] and in the song i havent found any zero conditional. Maybe i am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I´m Miguel (Morsa). I know this song but I prefer another one... "Crawfish". It´s my favourite song. U can find it here

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