Sunday, 2 December 2007

Battle of Brunete

Before the uprising, Brunete was a peaceful and quiet village dedicated to the cultivation of vines and planting vegetables or grains, everything that could allow its sandy soil and its extreme climate with harsh winters, and hot and dry summers. The famous Battle of Brunete joint operation developed from 6 until 25 July, 1937, in this town and others nearby west of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War. This offensive launched by the Army of the Republic was designed to reduce the pressure exerted by the rebel forces about Madrid and at the same time alleviate the situation on the north front line. The entire operation resulted in the deaths of about 20,000 soldiers and 17,000 Franco Republicans, the loss of about 60 aircraft Republicans and about 25 Franco, as well as the destruction or loss of a large amount of material. The human costs for both sides were enormous, being this battle considered as one of the bloodiest of the Civil War.

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