Monday, 26 November 2007


It's not just that shopkeepers all over Europe have had their window broken by british football hooligans.
It's much more serious than that.
Before the star of the 1385 Cup European Final, for example, 35 Italian footballere supporters were killed in incidents caused by british hooloigans.
Britain, indeed, has been disgraced again and again by the hooligans and most britons are deeply ashamed of them.
Who are the hooligans?

According to experts , the typical British hooloigan is a single man , aged seventeen to thirty-three, probalbly from the souht east of Britain and often well-paid but not very ineteresting job.
One study found a gang wich contained a bank manager, an insurace worker and some soldiers.
Why are they hooligans?

Beeing hooligans gives these people the sense of belonging to a group.
"Our objetive", one hooligan explained,"Is to defend and inavade territory. We represent our country just like the players".
Hooliganism is also a ,of course,an oportuinty for excitement.

Where are the hooligans from?

They aren't only form England , There are hooligans all over the world.
But the most famous are british hooligans , they are the most destructive....
What is my opinion about them?
This totally against that football is a cause for violence.
What if soccer is more fun if we break glass or something similar?
I feel horrible that there are people who use that excuse to get rid of excitation or stress from work ....
Is vandalism is capable of removing stress?
No, of course!!
In my opinion hooligans should relax ... Doing yoga or pilates, anything until we have destroyed the streets engaged.
The streets belong to all of us and not just for hooligans
Why I decided to put this post?
In class we are talking about sports and I think that can be interesting talking about hooligans.

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Juan said...

Very good and interesting post, quite relevant precisely about the current topic in our unit. I'm not sure if hooliganism is still such a strog force as it used to be years ago because, due to police measures, they are a bit more controlled nowadays than they used to be, but, anyway, I completely agree with you in your view against violence.