Friday, 26 October 2007


Hello! My name´s Adrián.I´ve got one brother but I don´t have got any sisters. I come from Brunete in Madrid and I am thirteen years old. I´m not very tall, I have black hair, brown eyes, small nose and ears.

My favourite football team is Atlético de Madrid and I hate Real Madrid.
My hobbies are playing badminton and videogames. My favourite number is six, my favourite colour is blue, and my favourite food is spaguettis and my favourite film is "Ciudad sin ley".
My favourite group is "La Excepción".
I love watching sports on TV and I like going to a badminton championship and hanging outu with friends. I hate some teachers of the institute.
I study English because, later, it is easier to get a job.



Anonymous said...

Smart boy, Adrián, I'm sure you'll get a good job in the future.

Juan said...

I'd like to have my own opinion, can any one of you borrow me a copy of Scarface?

Javi Js said...

Good said Lumbre Js is with you THE LIVE IS SCARFACE AND SCARFACE IS THE LIVE wit cojones

Blanca said...
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