Sunday, 28 October 2007

My name is Javi but you can call me JS


My name is Javi but some people call me js. I live in Brunete with my family. I am tall because i play basketball. Now I play in the team of Villanueva de la Cañada(I love the Golden State Warriors team). I love hip-hop(Nach Scratch, Violadores del Verso, Arma blanca...) I make some hip-hop songs with a friend also I love the computer games (Hitman, Doom, Wolfstein, Halob,...) and my favourite film is Scarface. I have got lots of friends(Chema, Andres, Nacho, Garcia....) we love hang out, go to cinema and play killzone or other multiplayer games other things that i love is the mountanbike, guns(spas 12), the violin..
Chao my blog Friends


Blanca said...

I know thath you like these kind of thing so I put a link os Tony's montana video, I think it's horrible but all of us can see it and opine about scarface
The Link is:

Anonymous said...

scarface is a filf with content the important of scarface is the ambient of 80. Tony is a prisioner politic of cuba and go to america with nothing ang with her cojones he convert in the king of Miami. He dead because Sosa a bolivian traficant order Tony kill a reporter that speak about Sosa Imperio.
Tony go to kill he put a bpmb in the periodist car but when he push the boton.
he look that in the car go their sons and no kill he.
Sosa envia unos asesinos toni asta el cuello de coca se carga como a 20 pavos con una m4 pero al final le disparan al final. Tienes k verla en los 80 gano mazo oscars.

adrian lumbreras said...

Hello!!!!! I´m Lumbre
Do you have cojones?
you´re a dead man