Sunday, 19 May 2013

Smallpox vaccine

The smallpox vaccine is important because it helped cure smallpox was a deadly disease and an epidemic in many continents.

Antivarólica vaccine Edward Jenner discovered in 1803 in England, he was a country doctor, was called the sage-poet because he loved to write.

He had his greatest recognition when Napoleon gave the order to vaccinate all its troops in 1805.

To sum ​​up, the smallpox vaccine was an important discovery because thanks to it is prevented many deaths and used worldwide.

Nuria Aranda Díaz 4B


Doctors prescribe analgesic in order to calm or eliminate pain. This helps them lighten headache, neck
ache, muscle pain.

Morphine was discovered in 1803 and 1805 by Friedrich Sertüner, a german chemist. Friedrich achievement incolate the alcaloide from the opinion.
In the past was used in the wars eliminate pain leaving his  wearer in a state of completely numb europhic dream.However doctors could not pescribe because in addiction.

To sum its name comes from mythology, Greco-Roman god Murpheus.

                                                                                                                         Lorena Arias 4ºB

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentine's

At the library, during the break, there is a sweet present for you

Monday, 11 February 2013


This invention seems practical, because you can heat the bread soon.The bread is on his point and also you don´t stain anything.
Thanks to the toaster you can take a quick, healthy breakfast.

The toaster´s function is release off heat to heat the bread, electromagnets driving through a resistor.
The toaster was maked for the first time in U.S.A in 1909.

In my opinion isn´t an invention that call a lot of attention, but everyone has one in their kitchens.

Nuria A.D

Invention The Twitter

The Twitter 

  There have been many amazing inventions in the last years old. In my opinion the best invention is the Twitter.

Thanks to the Twitter you can write with the people the of your city or other countries almost instantly.
In addiction you can go up photos, videos and can do twetcam( TC ), retweet ( RT ), follow and you follow, chose the favourite tweet and Trending Topic( TT )  

The Twitter is the best social network invented.Is different the others.